ShAir: Extensible Middleware for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing

Daniel J. Dubois1         Yosuke Bando1,2         Konosuke Watanabe1,2         Henry Holtzman1
1MIT Media Lab                    2TOSHIBA Corporation

ShAir is a middleware infrastructure that allows mobile applications to share resources of their devices (e.g., data, storage, connectivity, computation) in a transparent way. The goals of ShAir are: (i) abstracting the creation and maintenance of opportunistic delay-tolerant peer-to-peer networks; (ii) being decoupled from the actual hardware and network platform; (iii) extensibility in terms of supported hardware, protocols, and on the type of resources that can be shared; (iv) being capable of self-adapting at run-time; (v) enabling the development of applications that are easier to design, test, and simulate. In this paper we discuss the design, extensibility, and maintainability of the ShAir middleware, and how to use it as a platform for collaborative resource-sharing applications. Finally we show our experience in designing and testing a file-sharing application.