ShAir at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014

Jan 7-10, 2014

SketchShare: Sharing Handwritten Text and Drawings on enchantMOON Tablets

In collaboration with Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (UEI), we developed an app based on the ShAir platform for UEI's enchantMOON tablets, and demonstrated it as part of the exhibition of the UEI booth at the International CES 2014.

enchantMOON is a tablet highly optimized for smooth handwriting. Just like a plain piece of paper, it starts with a blank screen with no graphical user interface (GUI) such as buttons or icons, but anything that has been written can be associated with digital processing, such as hyperlinks to other pages, web search with the written words, and launching custom apps.

Following the UEI's idea of creating digitally augmented paper, we implemented the app, SketchShare, to provide enchantMOON with another capability of digital processing to be applied to sketches. That is, to be able to share sketches with nearby devices (other enchantMOONs, smartphones, and TVs) in an ad-hoc manner without connecting to existing Wi-Fi hotspots. While there is no plan of commercial adoption of the ShAir technology or SketchShare app in enchantMOON as of now, this additional capability would enable collaborative meetings where attendees could share their ideas by sharing sketches on their tablets, see what's being discussed also on a large TV monitor in front, and take the sketches home with them in their phones.